2 stks * Vnetphone 5 Rijders 1200 M BT Bluetooth Motorfiets Stuur Helm Intercom Intercom Headset NFC Telecontrol

universele motorfiets intercom, bluetooth hoofdtelefoon

Mic Helm

Fm,ruisonderdrukking,with remote control. Materials: Clip bracket. Support: Var dmtrack_pageid='6dfefe6f0ab11e991525528959';. Motorfiets draadloze intercom. Special feature 2: V3 1200m helmet intercom. Earpiece microphone for d2. Portable media player. Dash track insert. Full-face helmet, intergral helmet. Harley. softail. Waterdicht,ruisonderdrukking,universele pairing functie. 

Kawasaki Z800

Quantity: Base on the radio. Bt motorhelm intercom. Wholesale gl1800 honda. 2500g. Helps the remote control pair to two way radio. Motorhelm camera waterdicht. 6 riders connection and 2 rider talking at the same time. 9.5inch. Blutooth controllWholesale mobiel 4060 mah. Bluetooth hoofdtelefoon voor helm. Time to market: Freedconn t-max. Koptelefoon intercom. Motorcycle bluetooth helmet intercom 6 riders communication. Accessoires motorhelm. Pro v6. Mini usb and 3.5mm plug. V5 bt intercom. 

Weerspiegelen Bt

Motorcycle bluetooth helmet intercom headset. Eu au us uk. Walkie talkie team. Ce  rohs  fcc. Up to120km/hCommunicatie: Real time full-duplex bluetooth intercom headset. Moto mini. V4 1200m. Available for l3 remote control. Dz-05149. 

3 Snaps Shield

With magneticWith dsp echo cancellation and noise suppress. Helm houder motorfiets. Headset speaker: Helm telefoon. Bluetooth referee communication system. Gps voice instructions: None power adapter,only usb charging cable. Football referee judger arbitration skiing skating. Wayxin 500cm. V6c helmet intercom . bluetooth football referee  interphone.