USB 3.0 PCI Express Extender Riser Card Adapter Board 1x om 16x w/30 cm Sata 15 4Pin Power Kabel voor Bitcoin BTC mijnwerker

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Ieee 1394 Naar Usb

Retail package: Add-onkaarten,na. Tiny85 board usb. Approx. 60 cm/23.62 in. Dw-tx382a-1s1p. Add-onkaarten,external acquisition card adapter. Add-onkaarten,t534ed. Sd pci. Add-onkaarten,pci-e to sata msata. Grafische kaart nvidia 2 gb. 4 tb opslag. Express riser, extension cable. Mini pci voltage: 

Wholesale Mciro

Add-onkaarten,pcie adapter card. Connector starter. :pci-e 1x/ pci-e 4x / pci-e 8x / pci-e 16x. Pci-e 16pin  mother board. Avaya 9608. Internal. Usb clitor. Wholesale 2 usb kabel uitbreiding. 3 in 1 mini pci-e lpc pc analyzer tester post card test. Kaarten dank u. Casual. Orico 2 ports usb3.1 type-c pci-e board high-speed express card. 4n0239. 2.5 sata hdd case. Electronic module. Pce958-8s. 

Raid Controller 12 Gb

130 x 44 x 15mm/51.18 x 17.32 x 5.91in. With all the graphics cardGraphic card riser. Da0u93mb6d0 rev d. Pci-express specification version 2.0. Supports raid levels: Wholesale 240 pin ddr3. Add-onkaarten,sata to ida. Wholesale pci e mini naar usb. Approx. 60 cm/23.62". Add-onkaarten,mini pcie to m,2 b key. Pci-kaart x16 x1. Ide 40pin. 11/54 /108 b/g wifi wireless. Pci sata 3 express. 4 digits. 

Machine Grafische

Cf,pci express. C14 schuko. Rs232 serial cards. Pci express sata3.0. Ieee 1394b firewire. Monitor 9. Io1002. 68 pin. Bus-powered mode and no external power required for most of peripheral. Asm1142. Silver. Windows 2000/xp/vista/win 7,mac,ect. Cfast type: Add-onkaarten,circuit board. Adp-021-01.