10 STKS Grote Maat Ronde Single Hook Clip Test Probe voor Electronic Testing

resettable 100 stks, 11.1 v

Arduino Robotic

2p 2.54mm female header single row straight pin socket. -55~100 degrees celsius. Non-inverting. Electronic component welding practice board. -20~115 celsius. Seriële poort. 1000w. Extended edition. Tda2030a power amplifier diy kit. Draad jumper. Bq24725argrr. 12 v verwarming. 74hc14d. Bga lge3556c. Rs485. 

Oranje Pc Pi 2

Xr2206. Axis 9. Elecrow. 8 8 ohm. Diy/toy. Ic socket. 2402~2480mhz. Robotdyn. Mx25l6406em2i-12g. -15db (max). L2 r2 l1 r1. 100v correction  capacitorLithium battery capacity indicator. Sg3525an. Width  of the dupont cable:Maximum efficiency:Voltage tester regulator. Tl431. 5a range acs712. Moc3052. 

X850744 004 Bga Chip

Converter niveau. 20pf-105(1uf) 50v. Item weight: 4.7uf. Forward current: Silver conductive wire. 50v monolithic capacitor. Bt139-800e. Tsp-12. Single side printed pcb. -35~80 celsius. Fan73711. Condensator elektrolytische 25 v. 

Wit Usb Adapter Micro

K000993. Digit 4. 74hc14n dip. Smd module led. 0.96 inch blue oled. Nano 3.0 arduino. Een. ik. s. ontvanger. Row haakse. 10 to 80% (non-condensing). Subwoofer preamp board. Ds3231 precision rtc module. 408b ik. 120pcs/bag. Bd82hm55. 16v 4700uf 13*25. Quick charging.