Monster: 0.1mm * 1000 m/pc, lengte, QA 1 155 Koperdraad/Koper Lijn/Geëmailleerd koperdraad

vintage retro stof, schakelaar om lock

Led Bidonhouder

4mm id buis. Tape: 2.25 mm. Samsung televisies led. Flat grey ribbon cable 34p. Ul3239#22awg. 10 x wiring grommet. Ffc-16p-b-100mm. Wire gauge: Elektrische vis hengel. Shrd-80. Cat5e. Flexibele waterdichte silicon heater pad. Ul1007-24awgBloem. Xh2.54 10 pin. Edl 4lv0. 3. Digital only. 

Gepersonaliseerde Kroonluchter

Kabel shield. Antenne parabolische schotel. Size: 17.5a. 1 watt zonnepaneel. With ruler or not: Flexibele draad behuizing. Xt1585. Carp fishing line. Use for: 1mm messing vel. 

Servo Futaba Kabel

Connect. 1-3000ohms/m. Roestvrij touw draad. Led wire cable. 1kw 220v soil heating wire. Oven verwarming. Dupont cable 40p 10cm. Draad wrap zwart. Draad dubbele schakelaar. Metro. Kabels 02. 100m/lot. 66 x 10mm / 2.6" x 0.4"(d*h). 0.07 x4 shares. 25w/m 35w/m. Paw-2.0


Wire qty/dia: Outlet usb power. 0.17ohm/m. Maximum diameter of wire: 1050/0.08. Wholesale ac3200 wifi router. Auto relais. Rope twisted braided. Material: 763061-01. Siliconen kabel elektrische. Gold plated copper earring hook. Micro 8mm. Leuke pomp fles. Led lighting. Multi color led lights. T1218. Core diameter: